Travel Light

Hello! wanted to tell you  that we have been recording on and off (at The Lab) over the summer and we now have a collection of songs (12) in different stages of undress.. we think we are going to call the album Travel Light.

Pretty excited. More than a bit.

We have recorded it basically with the three of us (Brett, Dianne and Wayne)  - Mike Hall  has added his bass brilliance to many of the tracks, Chris O’Connor  and Wayne both played drums together on one song, dream come true that was. Dave Kahn has added something on most tracks, scratchy violin, spooky accordion, spiky mandolin.. and of course Oliver Harmer has added his great engineering skills, and general nice to be aroundness.

I am doing vocals at the moment, (no, not right now) Brett and Wayne are off on the all dancing and singing winery tour playing in Gin Wigmore’s band. So there over and out - cool.

posted : Sunday, February 19th, 2012

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